Saturday, March 31, 2007


(Please edit this post when you join the group to add your introduction onto it.)

Traci: Hi! My name is Traci, I live in Colorado Springs with my husband and our 13 month old son. I'm a stay at home mom who dabbles in freelance work for the scrapbook industry. I'm on my third pair of socks, and I'm a magic loop knitter. My favorite sock books are the Sensational Knitted Socks series and Favorite Socks from Interweave Knits. When I'm not knitting, I can be found scrapbooking, writing, or trying to slay the Laundry Monsters that threaten to take over the house while I'm not watching. My goals this year (other than knitting 12 pairs of socks, obviously) include trying a new technique with every pair. DPNs, 2-at-a-time, colorwork, various heel and toe methods...I want to try them all! My knitty name is littlemonsters

Dixie: Hello, my name is Dixie and I'm a sockoholic. I'm really exited about this KAL. I'm not typically a KAL joiner, but I couldn't resist when I saw this on Knittyboard. Right now I'm knitting my second Pomatomus in a pair and I just started Bayerische from Eunny last night. I also have a plain vanilla sock in Cascade Fixation on the needles. I generally have at least 3 socks going at once, and sometimes I go a little nuts and have even more than that. Besides socks, I love to knit lace, and I also spin. You can check out what a crap photographer I am and see more of my fiber exploits at my blog.

Sandy: Hi, I'm Sandy. I've been knitting on and off for 22 years or so. I recently picked it up again with renewed enthusiasim. I'm married and live in Sweden with my Swede (I'm American). I have 2 grownup daughters, one granddaughter and 5 step-children (plus 2 bonus grandchildren). So, I have lots of people to knit for! Gosh, that list makes me seem old. I assure you, I am NOT old! I'd briefly (very, very briefly) thought about the 52 KAL, but decided that this is more my speed.

Jennie: This is the first actual KAL I've ever joined. I'm a newbie knitter and pretty darn slow. This looks like something I can actually accomplish, or at least try. I've been working on socks for my dear BF for oh lets say over 3 months now. I get easily distracted. lol. Can't wait to see everyone awesome works!

Tracy: Hello! Not only am I a slow sock knitter, I'm slow to post to blogs when I join :) My name is Tracy and I've been knitting since the beginning of January. True to my personality and my relationship to my hobbies, I've quickly became obsessed. I've knitted 3.5 pairs of socks so far and have several more planned, although I'm beginning to think about trying to knit larger projects and the socks may be put aside. I have two daughters, Madelyn (8) and Meredith (6) and they are the recipients of most of my knits. Madelyn and I actually learned to knit together as we took a class at our local LYS. She and her sister are working on dish clothes right now for Mother's Day presents for their grandmas. I live outside of Baltimore, Maryland and am looking forward to attending Maryland Sheep and Wool this year! I knit socks cuff down on metal dpns. I suppose I should learn some new methods, but I don't feel like I've perfected this one yet!

Rachel: Hi, my name is Rachel. I'm a working Mom with a wonderful DH and two lovely daughters (ages 11 and 13). My Grandmother taught me how to knit when I was about 10 years old. I remember making a "pair" of mittens that ended up being two totally different sizes. After that, I didn't knit at all until about 2 years ago when my daughter asked me to teach her how to knit. In the process of refreshing my memory and teaching her, I became totally addicted. I have accumulated quite a lot of sock yarn, and I'm sure this KAL will be a fun way to help me use some of it up. I'd also like to try some different techniques, such as toe-up and socks on circulars. Right now I'm working on Pomatomus from Knitty, and they are turning out really nice. I'm working almost to the heel of sock #2, so I should be done soon.

Lori: Hi! I'm Lori. I've been knitting for a while (on and off for about ten years) but just recently got interested in making socks, after they seemed like a good solution for plane and vacation knitting. I made one pair of worsted weight, plain stockinette, top-down socks, and figure this is a good way to get inspired to do more. I'm a part-time writing teacher and mom to an almost 3-year-old, who told me before I ever knit a sock that he wants to knit socks when he grows up. I like trying new things so on the pair I'm working on now I'm trying all sorts of new things. I'm knitting them two-at-a-time on circular needles from the toe up, and I'm going to incorporate the openwork diamond pattern from BW's first pattern treasury. We'll see. I may need some moral support. Here's what I've got so far. I was able to do the cast on and get all of the toe increases done, so now I'm ready to work on the foot. They're big, but they're going to be for around-the-house wear rather than going into socks, so bigger is better than smaller. I'd like to knit a pair of socks for my son, maybe one for my husband, and mostly a bunch of sport- or DK-weight wool socks for me to wear around the house and in bed, because I'm always cold, so my feet are always cold. I look forward to seeing what you all are working on!