Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June Socks that won a prize!

I didn't do much sock knitting this month at all. I've been vacationing with my daughter and grandbaby in Indy. But, I did sign up for a knit-off the last weekend I was there. We didn't really have any plans and I figured that I could give the socks to my daughter as a gift when I finished. So, started knitting on Friday afternoon and finished on Sunday afternoon. I spent a lot of time knitting, but did make dinner (yummy chicken burritos with red chili sauce) on Friday and we went out for lunch on Saturday. I really didn't think that I had a shot to be the first finished, as the first knit-off (this one was to defend the team title!) was won by a lady who knit a pair in 12 (or was it 14) hours straight! Without further ado, Clementine by Momma Monkey from Socktopia. You can click on the picture to get the yarn info.


Kate M said...

Congrats on winning a prize!

Tracy said...

Those are gorgeous and I'm amazed at your mad crazy fast skills! :)