Monday, May 21, 2007

Opal Hundertwasser Socks

Sideway Sock and The Magic Loop

I finished off my Opal Hundertwasser Socks last night, in a miss matching pair in the style of the socks on the label. The first sock (right one in the pair) was a sideways sock using something like the pattern on the inside of the label as I mention in my previous post. I think I overdid it on the short rows on the sideways sock, though and the foot is just plain too long. It makes for a very slouchy, floppy looking sock, especially next to the lean, well fitting "normal" sock. The sideways sock looks a little bit better on my feet (below), but still isn't great. I ran across someone's discussion of her attempts to devise a better sideways sock, and so perhaps I will wait and see what her outcome is and reknit the sideways one. I'm going to track down a copy of Socks, Socks, Socks too and see what that take on the sideways sock is.

The second sock (left side of first picture) was just a plain sock made using the Magic Loop technique. I'm don't I'm a convert yet, but I see some benefits. I used 32" (80cm) size three Addi turbos. They are smooth enough that you can knit pretty fast (it was a pretty simple pattern too), but I found I would occasionally accidentally pull my needle right out of the stitches when there were only one or two on the needle. The other thing I didn't like was that I had to knit the first and last couple of stitches of each needle pretty tightly to keep ladder from forming. Plus, I am kind of a sucker for the way really nice wooden needles feel; they're just so luxurious.

But there, socks for May. (And sock blockers too!)

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Jennie said...

Very cool. I like how the are different. :)