Monday, May 7, 2007

Opal Sideways Socks

I went away for the weekend and took with me a ball of Opal Hundertwasser #1437 and a copy of the translation of the sideways sock pattern that comes inside the label. I was intrigued by the pictures of the yarn knit up as two different socks from their publicity material (image at right) and hunted down a translation on the internet. I am a bit dubious about some of the translation though, since the pattern for the leg does not seem like it would produce a garter stitch cuff and the rest stockinette. Wherever I saw "K70" in the pattern, I substituted "K30, P40," and wherever I saw "K40, Gst30" well, that's actually the same as K70. (Gst=Garter Stitch) Due to lots of time in airports and on airplanes, I am almost ready to sew up the back seam (I'm on the second half of the heel now.), though I haven't taken a picture yet. Once I finish, I'll have a better feel for the sizing, though I think it will be a fairly tall sock. I was worried it would be too long, but from the pictures the toe looks pretty short, so hopefully it will be all right.

Update 5/9/07: I got within a few rows of the end and tried the sock against my foot and realized it was far too narrow across the widest part of my heel. I see now that what I should have done was to check the size when I got to the midpoint (i.e. right after row 27) and add more rows as necessary. Since I didn't do that, I ripped it out to there and added some rows, including a few short rows because my ankle and leg have a slightly larger diameter than my foot. Hopefully this will be better.


Tracy said...

oh wow...those are COOL.

Kate M said...

Ooh, I have run across more discussion of sideways socks here and here.