Monday, April 9, 2007

1 down. 11 to go...

The stupid pointy toe, short-row-heels-that-almost-killed me, ran-out-of-yarn-so-they're-way-shorter-than-I-like-handknit-socks-to-be socks are finished. I am so psyched to have these behind me. Actually, now that they're on my feet I'm really enjoying them, but I didn't enjoy knitting them. Kinda a disappointment all the way around.

I had to knit them on #3s (I would have preferred #2s) because I knew I wouldn't have enough yarn. I used Mountain Goat from Mountain Colors (unknown colorway--the skein was mis-marked), and the garter stitch rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. As it turns out I'm not so crazy about the garter stitch rib...I think I would have preferred regular ribs.

Umm...could I complain about these any more? :P

Here's a photo of my feet modeling them. It's a tough colorway to photograph, but I think that first photo captures it best. You should know that my feet aren't really fat. Dunno what is up with my photography skills today. ;)

But they're done. Wahoo! It's on to my next pair now...I'm actually thinking of trying a plain stockinette pair. I'm using some variegated yarn from Socks that Rock, and I always like the way the variegated yarn looks in stockinette on the sole of my socks. We'll see...I'm off to swatch it.


Jennie said...

Hurray! You're quick.
I know the feeling about not liking the garter rib as much as regular ribbing. :)

Emma said...

Beautiful socks!

Sandykins57 said...

Very nice! I like them. I'm sorry that they were so disappointing for you to knit, but hope that the pleasure you get from wearing them over shadows it.

Tracy said...

Sorry you're dissappointed, but I think they look good :) My first socks were garter rib on threes - I like the garter rib ok, but they were big and floppy - I think the 3s were the culprit. I switched to 2s for my daughter's socks in the same yarn, and they turned out much better. (pics tonight hopefully :) )

Can't wait to see your next pair!

Jen L. said...

Dude. Very cool colors! I am procrastinating on a scrapbook page right now and totally want to say screw the page and go knit.