Friday, April 13, 2007

Jen L., Tofutsies, and other knitting stuff

Jen, you are welcome to follow me around and shop with me anytime. There is a bed waiting for you to come and visit here in Maryland. I'll take you to see Erin and we can go buy you some Tofutsies sock yarn. I got it at her local yarn store. I had read about it on the Knitty board and thought it looked really interesting. The skein I have is colorway #328, which is called Three Feet Short. It looks like you can get it online at this store; their picture seems to show the color a bit more accurately than on the SoySilk website.

At dinner last night, Erin had this book by Lucinda Guy. If you haven't seen it, GET IT, or her other book, Handknits for Kids. You will absolutely lay down and die from the cuteness.


In other knitting news, I started Monica for Meredith. It is going slowly because at this point I am too sock-obsessed to contemplate other things. And I really really need to scrap today too! Off to (hopefully) get something done!


Traci said...

I totally agree about that book! Her stuff is SOOOOO cute. I've got both from the library and want them so badly!

That top is so cute!! It's going to be adorable on her!

Jen L. said...

I'd love to come to Maryland. :-)

I didn't realize what Tofutsies was ... I think my local lady just got some in her store. She pointed it out, and it stuck in my brain b/c there is crab something-or-other in it. Ha!

I love that colorway.