Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pair No. 3 - AKA, the "I Hate Sockotta Yarn and Finished These Socks Out of Pure Spite" socks

Catchy title, eh? This yarn was the first sock yarn I bought. I do still love the colors, and as I've mentioned before, I'm big into stripeys on my feet. :-) But I hated working with it. The first sock attempt I made with this yarn (my first sock ever, for that matter) was a total disaster. Well, unless you are Shaq. It probably would have fit a pro basketball player's foot. So I bought some different yarn and tried again. Then I came back to the Sockotta and made a different sock pattern, thinking maybe the pattern was the issue. It turned out OK. So I had a bigfoot size sock, and a slightly better sock of a different pattern. I ripped out the bigfoot sock and set the yarn ball aside because I had bought my lovely Austerman Step yarn and wanted to knit with it. After I finished that pair of socks, I picked up the Sockotta again to make the second sock of the pair. And I still hated it.

Yarn: Sockotta (in case you haven't noticed) in an unknown colorway.
Needles: Brittany DPS's, size 2
Pattern: Retro Rib from the Interweave Knits book. Love the book, Tracy!

Now I am going to cleanse my sock palette and knit some pretty pink socks with Tofutsies. I actually made a gauge swatch and everything. :-)

PS: No offense meant to anyone that loves Sockotta. I just personally didn't like it. :-) But that won't stop me from wearing my slightly oversized socks on a regular basis. Ha!


GoldieLocs said...

The color is very pretty. Sorry to hear about all the trouble they caused you!

Tracy said...

ha! They look pretty though :)

I was at my LYS today and they had the Austerman's. It felt yummy, but I reluctantly put it back. I know I'll be back for it though!

Did get some new dpns - Crystal Palace Bamboo. I like so far.

Sandykins57 said...

They are really pretty! Way to stick with it!

Faith said...

My first two pairs of socks were knit out of the same brand as well, and I won't ever knit with it again either. The yarn splits, and there's almost no elasticity in it so the socks stretch out half-way through the day. Oh well.

Your socks do look really cute. Hope that you have more fun with future pairs! =)

Kathy said...

I actually threw some Sockotta away I disliked knitting with it so much!