Sunday, April 29, 2007


Hello! thanks for letting me join this KAL. I may be able to "keep up" with this one. I've been having a bit of trouble finishing the 2nd sock lately and thought being in this blog may help me out. Currently I have this one on the needles, Its River Rapids from Sock Bug and I'm knitting it in Fleece Artist Sea Wool Sock yarn. The Sea Wool is really gorgeous and nice to knit with. I think I'll probably cast on the 2nd one as soon as this one is off the needles later today. It knits up really fast as the yarn is a bit thicker than what I am used to using for most of my sock projects. I've knit from the heel flap to the toe since yesterday AM.

Although my mind is whirling with other projects I could start, however I'm going to try to finish these socks as well as the ones below before starting another project (well besides more socks). It hard because I have a huge stash and a six month old grandson! There are so many cute cabled sweaters out there that Bronson must have.

Then there is this...

Its Java Ribs knit in the throughbred colorway by Fearless Fibers. The yarn is really, really, fine and I just can't bring myself to start the second one. It looks kind of funny in this picture, however it does fit pefectly. I guess its the rib pattern that pulls it in so much when it isn't on the leg. Well no worries about it falling down I guess. I made the leg a little longer than I usually do as the Fearles Fibers come in huge skeins and I had no worries about running out of yarn for the second one even with Size 10 feet!

I guess it will have to be one of those projects where I work "15 minutes" a day on just to get it finished. I've also signed up for the "Monkey" knit along as well and it starts May 1. So tomorrow after my 15 minutes on the Java Ribs I best cast on the Monkey socks. But first I have to decide what yarn to use. Lisa Souza Gendarme? STR... I guess I'll have to swatch as well. I don't want anything too busy that will take away from the Monkey Socks pattern.

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Rachel said...

Both socks look great, but I especially like the blue/green one!