Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Intro for Tracy

Hello! Not only am I a slow sock knitter, I'm slow to post to blogs when I join :) My name is Tracy and I've been knitting since the beginning of January. True to my personality and my relationship to my hobbies, I've quickly became obsessed. I've knitted 3.5 pairs of socks so far and have several more planned, although I'm beginning to think about trying to knit larger projects and the socks may be put aside.

I have two daughters, Madelyn (8) and Meredith (6) and they are the recipients of most of my knits. Madelyn and I actually learned to knit together as we took a class at our local LYS. She and her sister are working on dish clothes right now for Mother's Day presents for their grandmas. I live outside of Baltimore, Maryland and am looking forward to attending Maryland Sheep and Wool this year!

I knit socks cuff down on metal dpns. I suppose I should learn some new methods, but I don't feel like I've perfected this one yet!

The photo is my daughter Meredith modeling her Jaywalkers knit in Lornas Laces Rainbow colorway. Note the large amount of pooling and the fact that I must knit incredibly tightly as she can barely get the things on. Sigh.

Looking forward to participating here and getting to know you all!

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