Sunday, April 22, 2007

Slouchy Socks

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. The SuperHero is happy with his socks -- wearing them as we speak. In fact, he took them off only to have a shower. But, I would like to get a better fit the next time. These seem a little slouchy, not very, but a little. Maybe blocking would help. I just don't want to make them bigger. So, to all of you experienced sock knitters out there, how can I maybe make these socks a bit tighter? Will or should blocking help? Thank you!!


Jen L. said...

I'm curious about blocking, too. I don't. Does it make a difference in socks? How do you do it?

Tracy said...

I've got nothing for you on blocking, but my first pair of socks were slouchy. I didn't have any negative ease at all and I think they were just too big. On the recommendation of my LYS person, even though they weren't superwash wool, I washed and dried them and that helped shrink 'em up.

If you like the fit in the feet, maybe try going down a needle size for the ribbing at the top, until you get to the heel (or the other way if you go toe up). The socks I'm doing now have you use a bigger needle for the cast on and top to accommodate the calf, and then go down to a smaller size needle for the rest. Maybe go in reverse of that?

GoldieLocs said...

I am going to the LYS to ask about the blocking. I'm also going to make him another pair using the same pattern to see if I can learn something about changing the needle size. I'll ask about that too and see how that works.