Friday, April 6, 2007

Slow Poke is Better than a Poke in the Eye

especially with a DPN.

Hi, all. Online I go by the name Poppins, but people who know me in real life like to call me either Goddess or The Source of All Joy. ;)

I want to have knit 10 pairs of socks for me as well as a few pairs for gifts over the next year or so, so this KAL is a great fit. I like my socks simple for the most part - stockingette - so that I can knit them while watching tv or when I'm out and about. Socks are usually my mellow project on the needles. But I've got an itch to try a bunch of new techniques as well, so we'll see.

Right now I've got a blue Fleece Artist yarn on the needle, working it's way to becoming a sock. It's pretty but not that facinating so I haven't gotten around to taking a picture of it yet.

Thanks for starting this KAL.

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