Saturday, April 28, 2007

Intro, and April Socks

Hello, all, my name is Charity, and I've been knitting for about a year and a half. I have a blog at Knitting In The North. I've been making a pair of socks a month since August, but most have been either baby/kid socks, or gifts for someone else. I'm looking forward to getting a few pairs into my own sock drawer, and watching all the great stuff you all come up with!

These are the Rainy Day Socks from the most recent Magknits, knit from RYC Cashsoft DK on 3mm DPNs. I love this yarn, it is so soft, and the socks are wonderful to wear. This is my first attempt at any kind of lacy pattern on socks, and I'm quite pleased. I also found that using the lace pattern helped get rid of/disguise any laddering, which I sometimes fight with when making "vanilla" socks. Anyone have any great tips for getting rid of ladders?


Jen L. said...

Welcome! Those look great!

Tracy said...

no tips, but those socks are very pretty - I need to check out that pattern. I'm really starting to like the look of solid colored sock yarn with those neat patterns.


GoldieLocs said...

Can't help you with the ladder question, but these socks are lovely!

Faith said...

Charity, if I 'm knitting on DPN's, I just pull the first stitch of each needle extra tight when I knit it, and then the second stitch almost as tight. I never have ladder problems when I work them that way. Also, Magic Loop or knitting on two circs can help.