Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Sock Down

I have finished a sock. This is another pair of Austermann Step Jaywalkers, only I have made some modifications to the pattern based on my experiences with first pair. With them I found the ankle slightly tight and the foot slightly loose, so I went down a needle size and made the ankle in the larger sock size. When I got to the foot, I just did the double decrease on the first knit row to get down to the right number of stiches. I also carried the zig-zag pattern about halfway down the heel flap for better shaping. My last modification was to replace the ribbing with a ridge that would bend with the zig-zag. Initially I was pretty pleased with this change, but as I got farther along, I noticed it was curling too much. For the mate, I am trying a second row of all purl to see if that helps. In the meantime, I am contemplating the merits of a simple crochet edging to keep it from curling.

Yarn is Austermann Step in Erde (#12). Needles are size 0 Sox Stix. Pattern is Grumperina's Jaywalkers.


Sandykins57 said...

My next planned cast-on is for Jaywalkers, so it was interesting to read your adjustments.

Jennie said...

Looks great! Do keep us posted on the adjustments. I love learning little tweeks. :)

Tracy said...

These are very cool - I love that pattern, but also found mine to be small. If I try again, I'll have to try your modifications.