Sunday, April 29, 2007


Hello! I'm new to the KAL and I've just read the entire blog to catch up! My name is Nadine and I knit and blog from a little village in Germany. I graduate from the trainee teacher programme in June and will be a "real" teacher soon. It also means that my knitting time is limited and something like a pair of socks a week is out of the question. I'm 30, have knit for most of my life but I prefer small projects and am actually scared of adult sweater knitting.
I need about 12 pairs of socks a year to keep the family happy- they expect socks every birthday and Christmas.
Last year I decided to investigate US sock yarns but since I don't do the laundry at home it is safer to stick to superwash and the wool/nylon blend of most German sock yarns- we've had some felting accidents. I do have US yarn that works fine and currently I'm knitting up some sneaker socks with Cascade fixation and Elann's Esprit- I love them.
I do knit self striping socks- not all my recipients like patterned or lace socks and the men in my family have huge feet- knitting a solid sock yarn in ribbing in that size? I'd go insane. Color repeats make me happy there and keep me from falling asleep. :)
I love knitting podcasts and audiobooks and right know I am knitting my way through Grey's anatomy.

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GoldieLocs said...

Hi, Nadine! I have a good friend who lives in Ottobeuren. Is that anywhere near you? He's not a knitter though.

I find that my iPod is such a good knitting bag accessory to listen to podcasts and audiobooks.

I just warned my husband NOT to wash my son's new socks by mistake for fear of felting. I think I'd cry! It sounds like you have a lot of knitting experience. I've only done two pairs so far, but I'm hooked and just ordered some pattern books from Amazon.