Monday, April 2, 2007

OTN Firsts

Here is my latest WIP. There are several firsts with this pair:

First toe-up socks
First socks on a circular needle
First try with magic loop technique
First time knitting both at the same time



Traci said...

These are so cool! I love that we're both doing toe-ups, 2 at a time for the first time, and we're pretty much at the same place in the socks!

That yarn is fun and bright!

Dixie said...

Awesome. Those are some wild colors! Are those addi lace needles? How do you like them?

Rachel said...

Very nice socks! You're very adventurous in trying all those new techniques. I'm planning to try something different for my next pair.

Tracy said...

Very cool!

Sandykins57 said...

I bought the needles on E-bay from Joyce's Super Shop. They are bamboo. I am very happy with them. The cable is soft and pliable and the bamboo is easy and comfortable to hold.